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About Wendy 

I was born and raised in Southern California, and from the day I can remember, my mom bragged about how she had taken me to Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, Greta Andersen to learn aquatic safety well before my first birthday. My entire life my parents bragged about my brother and I knowing how to swim at such a young age. I grew up swimming every summer, joining the swim team in high school. I’ve always had a love of water and knew that any children of mine would learn the love of water as well as the skills I learned to be water safe. 

With my first born, I chose Mommy and Me classes. I found these to be unsuccessful in giving me the security that my child was water safe. About a year after I had my next child, we moved to Las Vegas where I found ISR. I was thrilled to have found a program that would teach my children water safety. Our experience was wonderful and something I enjoyed bragging about just as my mother had. Our Hawaii vacations were the best; guests at the hotel would complement my family on how well my children could swim-float-swim in the water. 

After my father passed, we decided to return to California. Rebuilding our lives brought us to Westlake Village, an amazing community that welcomed us home.  After settling in Westlake Village, my life long secret desire to somehow help people started to grow while watching my kids enjoy swimming in both the pool and our local beaches. I realized I could do something for children and their families by becoming an ISR Instructor. I was determined to give other families not only piece of mind, but also bragging rights about how safe their children are in the water thanks to ISR.

Now as an ISR Instructor, I am rewarded daily by watching the excitement coming from my student’s parents. I enjoy the transformation the children make with me in the water by beginning with little to no aquatic safety skills and finishing with self-rescue skills. I love the children, the families, and the reward of saving lives. 

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